Your 2017 Medical Benefits - Important Information

Starting January 1, 2017, BCBS is introducing enhanced systems and processes.  As part of the transition, there are steps that we each need to take to ensure that everything runs smoothly with our health coverage.

  1. Set up your account: Once you receive your ID card, log into the new website,, and set up your account. As a reminder, if you cover a spouse or children on your plan, due to HIPPA regulations you will only be allowed to see information for dependents under age of 12; for children over that age, they will need to set up their own account to access on-line information.
  2. Use your new card: Please begin using the new member card on January 1, 2017.

Fitness Reimbursments
If you currently receive the $20/month fitness reimbursments, please let you fitness club know that your BCBS member number has changed effective January 1, so that they can update their records. Each fitness facility handles this program slightly different. In some cases, they may not need the information, but best to check and be sure.

If you are not currently participating in the Fitness Reimbursement program and are interested, here is the link for additonal information: Fitness Reimbursement Information.

2017 Incentive Funding

With the system changes BCBS is implementing, there is a corresponding change to how they will  process incentives. The two requirements remain the same:

  1. complete an annual preventive wellness exam with your primary care physician; and
  2. complete the online health assessment by logging in to the BCBS website. 
However, we will no longer be using the preventive care form. When you go for your preventive care exam, BCBS will recognize that activity within their claims data, and will give you credit for that portion of the incentive requirements.

To complete your online health assessment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link under 'Wellness Profile'
  3. Complete the full Wellness Profile
For 2017 incentives, both steps need to be completed within calendar year 2017.

 If  you have any questions regarding your medical or pharmacy coverage, please contact BCBS at 800-531-6676.

Need help finding out about the medical requirements? Read over the Medical Enrollment Guide.

Do you have questions on the dependent audit and Health Care Reform? Are you having issues enrolling? Read over the Empyrean page.

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